Thursday, April 02, 2009

A Word for Me

I was over at today checking out the posts and I came across this challenge to blog more. Now you all know I'm trying to do this a little more than I have in the past, so I thought I'd give it a shot. The first challenge was to complete this questionnaire which generates a word that describes you. Filled it out and got this response:

Your Word is "Fearless"

You see life as your one chance to experience everything, and you just go for it!

You believe the biggest risk is being afraid and missing out on something amazing.

Sometimes your fearlessness means you're daring. You enjoy risky activities.

And sometimes your fearlessness means you're courageous. You're brave enough to do the right thing, even when it's scary.

Interesting to say the least. Me? Fearless? Not in a million years. Now I know what you're thinking. The girl with the biggest mouth this side of the planet isn't fearless? True, I like to encourage people to step outside themselves and try a little something different. Me? Not so much. And now you know my dirty little secret; I'm an instigator! Surprised? Probably not.
I'm thinking I need to channel my younger self who always used to say, "I'll try anything once, so long as it doesn't cause harm to myself or others". Where did that girl go? Time to find her & bring her home.


Tali G said...

I find those questionnaires funny how do they know what you are like out of 5 silly questions. Perhaps you think fearlessly just your actions don't follow your thoughts...maybe if you find that younger you, you might find that somewhere in there you are a fearless person to some extent.

Thanks for taking our challenge and welcome to our little group.

Ashley said...

Great blog! Maybe you're secretely fearless or something!

Mish said...

lol. I love the fact that you're an instigator.

I think finding that girl is a great idea. We all need to make sure she never strays too far.

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