Monday, August 09, 2010

So I Took a Quiz...

...and came up with this:

You Are a Lemon Cupcake

You are spirited and spunky. You embrace life and have a sunny outlook.
You're drawn to all sorts of people. You can find something to like about almost anyone.

You are like a cupcake because you're cute and happy. You can turn anyone's day around.
You love to laugh and have a wickedly funny sense of humor. You enjoy teasing and joking around.

Seems to me the joke's on them. True, I do love a lemony flavour, am drawn to all sorts of people, and I can find something to like about anyone (if I'm in the mood). But cute and happy? Sounds more like a puppy than me. Then again I do like to joke and tease. Problem is, no one gets that it's a joke or just teasing, so then I have to explain myself, which is no fun. Thank God I've got my wicked sense of humour to see me through... LOL!


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